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Collective is a fancy word, what does it actually mean?

At ethix we’re all for flexible working. We work with a range of companies that have varying needs at varying times. So it makes sense that our team is flexible too. We don’t want to be an all-purpose, jack-of-all trades agency. Instead we want to connect a team of specialists with a broad range of skills. Our goal is to build a community of specialists, working full or part time, to create bespoke teams for each client, based on their specific needs. 

If that inspires you (or perhaps just inspires mild curiosity) then read on…


Where we’re at and what we’re looking for

We’re a young company. But we are working with a growing and increasingly diverse set of companies. So, while we don’t currently have any open roles, we may well have some in the near future. 

When we do, we’ll be looking for people with the following skills:

PPC (Google Ads, Ad Grants, Shopping - all the classics)

Paid Social (Facebook & Instagram mostly, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube all bonuses)
Web design + CRO

Analytics + SEO

We don’t need years upon years of experience. We don’t believe that’s the best yardstick. But we do need real specialists who will bring real enthusiasm. Much like wanting to be partners to our clients not service providers, we’re not looking for employees but collaborators.

So, if you think you could add to ethix life and we could add to yours, then get in touch. We may not have anything now, but we’d love to connect (plus we might have something sooner than you think…)

Almost forgot, who the hell are we?


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