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Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Support Schemes

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COVID-19 has put a strain on all of us, but especially the non-profit sector. Equal to that stress, however, has been the heartwarming surge in people willing to donate their time and resources to help those in need.

With lockdown forcing a shift to online services, and 52% of charities saying they lack a digital strategy*, now might be the perfect time for you to connect with an expert. To help we’ve put together a list of our top 5 digital volunteering schemes.

So let’s dive in…

Digital Candle

Digital Candle is a new initiative created by Platypus Digital and Catalyst to connect charities with digital professionals. Digital experts offer an hour of their time to answer whatever questions you might have. Whether it’s understanding how to set up Google Ad Grants or coping with the challenges of shifting your services online, there’s a digital expert out there ready to help you. I’ve personally donated two phone calls so far and hope to do many more!


Describing themselves as “a network of experts in software development, graphic design and digital marketing”, donate:code connects professionals looking to give their time with good causes in need of help. Leaning more towards tech solutions than Digital Candle, get started by posting your project description and browsing their list of volunteers.

Media Trust

Media Trust’s volunteers scheme has nearly 300 projects to get involved with, and a broad base of volunteers across all areas of comms. What’s more their free to download “Guide to Volunteering” offers plenty of tips for ensuring whatever skills-based volunteering schemes you enter into are successful.

Reach Volunteering

Not limited to digital or comms, Reach Volunteering has by far the biggest pool of opportunities available. Spanning all skill sets and job roles, there are over 1000 projects and volunteers in their community. If you’re looking for more than just digital support, this is the scheme for you.

Ethix Digital

Yes, that’s us! You’ll have to forgive me for a bit of self-promotion at the end. The above schemes are fantastic and we highly recommend you make use of them. But if you want something that will go a little deeper then Ethix Digital is here to help. Focusing on PPC & Paid Social, we’re offering 3 stage assistance to any and all ethical businesses that need it: 1) phone consultation, 2) digital marketing audit, 3) strategic road-mapping. Check out our website to learn more, and if you like what you see then please do get in touch.

So that’s our list, let us know how you get on! Next week we’ll be publishing our favourite online resources for all things digital, so stay tuned.

*Charity Digital Skills Report 2019, Zoe Amar

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