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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | August 28th

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Reviewing 2020 trends

We all know that the retail landscape has shifted dramatically in 2020 (as we discussed in this blog), and this week Google took a deep dive into changes in consumer behaviour(length: long). Google quotes that price (43%), convenience (36%), and speed (33%) were at the forefront of purchase decisions, with availability (44%) being the most important factor for consumers.

Stepping back from retail, Search Engine Land summarised some Google paid search trends that weren’t driven by COVID(length: long). My favourite insight was that 40% of exact match traffic is now through close variants – search terms that Google defines as having the “same meaning” as exact keywords.

Discrimination within Facebook

The Markup released an excellent article explaining how discriminatory ads are run on Facebook, as well as highlighting the inherent bias within Facebook’s algorithms (length: long). One week after the Markup contacted Facebook for comment, the company removed the ability to target ads based on multicultural affinity.

Facebook shops expands to all US businesses

All the major players have ramped up their investment in eCommerce through 2020, and this week Facebook announced a range of shopping features that will soon be available to all US retailers(length: medium). This includes expansion of the Facebook shop tab, and the ability to purchase items without navigating out of the Instagram app. Meanwhile, Digiday released a blog discussing how businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on Facebook(length: medium).

In other news

  1. Facebook criticised the tracking limitations imposed by Apply with iOS 14, estimating that return from the audience network could be cut by as much as 50% (length: medium).
  2. Google has been testing image rotation within shopping ads (length: short).
  3. Facebook shared some creative recommendations (length: medium), advising advertisers to use motion, sounds and stickers for improved engagement.
  4. Google has added some new access roles in Google ads (length: short), with a billing-only role designed for finance teams.
  5. Microsoft DSAs are now available in new markets (length: short)
  6. Chrome has begun blocking “heavy ads” (length: medium) – defined as ads that use an “egregious” amount of battery power or bandwidth. Mostly video ads will be impacted.
  7. Search Engine Journal gave recommendations for making your website more accessible (length: long)

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