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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | August 7th

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Privacy is the word of the week, as Google released a series of blogs and updates, designed around empowering users to understand the ads they are served, and advising advertisers on how to better manage user data.

Google has expanded its Ad Disclosure Schema (length: long), including the new Ads Transparency Spotlight tool. This has been released as an alpha Chrome extension and shows information on ads being served on a page. The tool will currently only highlight some ads purchased through Google Ads, but Google hopes to expand this in the future. Following recent news about enhanced ability to view third party tracking in Safari with iOS 14, Google’s extension is another step of allowing users greater insights into how their data is being used.

In addition to the new extension, users will also be able to view more information when they click “Why this ad?”(length: medium). The option to view limited details on ad targeting has been available for years, but it will now be expanded to include the verified name of the advertiser. This will also be rolled out for Google Ads and DV360 advertisers first, but should be expanded in the future.

Meanwhile, Think With Google released a blog(length: long), discussing the importance of privacy to users, and highlighting their efforts to move toward a cookie-free future with The Privacy Sandbox initiative. It also emphasises that successful advertising in the future is going to be increasingly dependent on first party data, and gives some food for thought on how to gather this data more effectively.

Finally, Google released a blog highlighting how to take control of Google Analytics data(length: medium). Many users don’t fully understand GA functionality, and this blog highlights how to update settings, control data usage and delete data within the Google Analytics interface, to support a more ethical use of your consumers data.

Enhanced privacy settings and limited use of cookie tracking is clearly the future of digital advertising. If you’re interested in finding out more, Google released a playbook last month(length: very long), which goes into great depth into the changing privacy landscape and how you can respond to it effectively.

The end of the Facebook Ads boycott?

Last week we discussed the continuing Facebook Ads boycott. This week The Wall Street Journal takes a look at which advertisers have returned and which big players are staying away(length: medium).
Meanwhile the New York Times tries to estimate the impact of the boycott on Facebook’s revenue, asking the question: did the boycott really work?(length: medium).

Which ad platforms are succeeding during COVID?

For the first time in history, Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. saw its revenue shrink. Google’s advertising sales fell 8% in the second quarter, compared to Amazon’s sales which jumped a whopping 40%. The Print discusses Google’s failure to capture the rise of ecommerce during COVID(length: medium).
Meanwhile, in the spite of the boycott, Facebook revenue soars as the ad platform focuses on ecommerce solutions for small businesses(length: medium).

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