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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | July 10th

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This week, top news has revolved around Apple’s tracking updates. But first, our favourite blogs from the week:

  1. Google has started showing ads on local profiles as part of a pilot programme (length: medium). This change has spiked some initial concern, as businesses are unable to opt out from these third-party ads.
  2. Search Engine Journal put together a list of 25 facts about Pinterest (length: long), including demographic insights (the platform is used by 72% of users are women, and 48% of users are shopping on the site). All useful points to consider if you’re planning to use the platform.
  3. The Google bot can add products to cart while crawling your site (length: short). This is necessary if you’re running shopping ads. It’s not an issue – but may explain some abandoned carts.
  4. Google is becoming more aggressive with YouTube search ads (length: short)
  5. Google revealed that explanations beta will soon be available for campaigns using smart bidding (length: long).
  6. Some tips for streamlining your Google Ads account (length: medium), from Search Engine Journal

Apple further restricts tracking

Last week, Apple announced iOS14, and with it massively restricted the ability of advertisers to track performance of apps. Forbes(length: long) does a fantastic job of summarising the change and its impact. In summary, users will be faced with a pop-up when opening an app, allowing users to quickly opt out of any tracking.

The SKAdNetwork will allow some tracking of iOS apps, without sharing any user-specific information. If you’re running ads for any iOS apps, make sure that you are set-up before iOS14 rolls out in September.

September will also bring an updated version of Safari. There was originally a rumour that this would prevent Google Analytics tracking, which has now been disproven(length: medium). However, the update will mean that blocked third party tracking will be flagged to the user(length: medium), which can make a site seem untrustworthy. It’s worth having a spring-clean of your tracking ahead of the date – you can check what your site will look like using the beta version of Mac OS Big Sur.

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