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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | July 17th

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This has seemingly been a busy week for Google updates – it feels like all of the blogs we’ve read have been discussing new features. Luckily for you, we’ve condensed it all into one, short list:

New predictive metrics have been announced for Google Analytics (length: long). Purchase probability and churn probability will both be available for analysis and building audiences in Web + App properties. These will be rolled out over the coming weeks, and should provide powerful tools for your Google Ads campaigns.

New customer acquisition bidding is out of beta for smart shopping (length: medium). Our hesitation when running smart shopping ads is the lack of visibility of spend through remarketing audiences. This new bidding feature allows you to attribute additional value to a new customer over a returning customer, hopefully increasing the incrementality of this ad format.

The image extension beta has been opened up(length: medium). Image extensions replace gallery ads, which had a high barrier to entry due to creative requirements.

New features have been announced for RSAs(length: medium). While countdown and location based ad customisers will be useful for some advertisers, we’re most excited by the feature that facilitates aggregating asset insights across campaigns, improving visibility of RSA performance by miles.

Shopping ads will begin to show on AdSense for search later this month(length: short). Another step in the move to expand shopping to more surfaces across Google.

Google begins notifying users when their GMB listing is suspended(length: short). This latest update is in response to updated EU regulations, but will be especially useful for small business owners – previously the only way to spot a suspension was to sign in to your account.

It will soon be prohibited to run ads for surveillance or spyware products through Google Ads(length: short). If you’re selling any of these products, make sure you disable the ads before August 11th, or risk an account-wide suspension.

Finally, while not incredibly actionable, this blog from Think with Google provides an interesting picture of UK lockdown through Google trends.

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