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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | July 24th

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1. Search Engine Journal summarised all the ways that Google Ads are becoming more visual(length: medium), including image extensions, changes to smart shopping and responsive display ads. These are all useful features for retailers trying to reach users earlier in the funnel.

2. We released a review of available Google tools for retailers to use to create a strong marketing strategy(length: medium). The blog reviews expectations for the second half of 2020, including tips on how to prepare for the holiday season.

3. PPC Hero released some initial results for Discovery ads(length: medium), showing that the new ad format can successfully drive new customer acquisition.

4. Facebook now allows small businesses to make fundraisers on Instagram(length: short), rolling out the feature that was previously only available on Facebook.

5. Google has released a paid version of Google My Business (length: medium). By paying $50 per month, businesses will have a “Google Guaranteed” flag on their listing. It’s too early to see any impact on performance, but we’d imagine this could lead to improved engagement.

6. A few weeks ago, we discussed upcoming changes to tracking within iOS apps, and how to prepare your conversion tracking for the update. This week, Forbes discussed the potential impact on Facebook advertising(length: medium). In summary, Facebook will have more limited ability to personalise ads, which is bad news considering their recent white paper, suggesting personalised ads are twice as effective(length: medium). Consequently, apps may expect a lower ROAS following the update.

7. The newest version of Google Ads Editor has been released(length: short), allowing the application of recommendations in bulk. However, there have been reports that it may be glitchy – potentially worth holding off before you upgrade to v1.4.

8. Charity Village reviewed how to use Google Ad grants to achieve your charity’s goals(length: long). Google Ad grants are a potentially powerful tool that we’ve found are often under-utilised, as inexperience holds charities back from creating an effective strategy. This article is a great first step, and we can also offer pro-bono consultations to help you get started.

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