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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | July 3rd

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Our top blogs from this week

  1. Ever wonder how YouTube works? Well, Google has launched a website dedicated to explaining just that. It’s a pretty comprehensive view, including how videos are recommended, and how creators make money.
  2. Google also shared that they’ll be rolling out deeplinking from YouTube, Hotel, Gmail and Discovery ads in coming months (length: medium, jump to the middle). Deeplinked ads are estimated to double the conversion rate.
  3. Search Engine Journal – Google Analytics is rolling out automatic bot filtering in Web + App views (length: medium).
  4. You may remember our blog summarising free shopping listings. Well, Google has announced that this will also be expanded to the product knowledge panel on the search tab in the US (length: medium)

Stop Hate for Profit

Search Engine Land has done a great job of summarising the Facebook boycott (length: short). As the number of big brands joining the boycott has grown exponentially, Facebook has made some small policy changes in response, but nothing yet of the scale of the movement’s demands.

As this blog (length: medium) identifies, the impact on Facebook’s bottom line has been lower than hoped, and stock is nearly back at pre-boycott levels. With so many small retailers dependent on Facebook, the impact of withheld spend from these big brands is less than one might expect. For anyone looking to join the moment, here (length: medium) are some ideas of where to diversify your marketing spend.

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