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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | June 12th

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Welcome to our weekly digital marketing news round-up. We’ll be calling out the most interesting industry updates each week so give us a follow on social and stay up to speed.

Explanations beta rolls out

Search Engine Journal explains the capabilities of this new, powerful tool (length: medium). Through the explanations beta, the Google Ads UI summarises why performance changes have occurred, checking factors such as auction insights and change history. Currently limited to search campaigns using manual bidding or eCPC. Easy to use, this should save anyone investigative performance trends a significant chunk of time.

Google My Business optimisation tips

Last week we highlighted new features allowing users to support closed businesses through GMB. This week, B2C gave 13 steps to optimise your GMB account (length: long). For anyone new to the platform, this article provides a great summary of how to create a functional listing.

LinkedIn audience network & retargeting updates

LinkedIn expands its audience network to include Flipboard, Microsoft News, and MSN.com, increasing the reach potential of its campaigns. LinkedIn also made the long-awaited announcement that advertisers will now be able to retarget by video views and lead gen forms.

Improving Google Ads reporting

Pixel Spot explored opportunities from downloading reports as G-Sheets (length: medium). We love the Google Ads & Google Sheets integration, and this article gives some great tips for making sure your reporting is as fast and powerful as possible (our favourite: scheduling reports with applied filters).

Discovery Ads summary and launch tips

Last week we highlighted the global roll-out of discovery ads. This week, Search Engine Journal provided a great summary of what these ads are (length: short). Meanwhile, JumpFly gave us some tips for setting them up (length: short).

In the news this week:

The Verge – how voice assistants respond to “do black lives matter?”Bloomberg – Trump has beaten his record for Google Ads spend ($1.48M to celebrate his 74th birthday)
Thanks for reading, hope you found this useful. Join us again next week for more updates!

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