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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | June 19th

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This week, news largely revolved around policy updates for Google and Facebook, both designed around protecting users and improving the quality of information contained within their ads.

Our top 5 blogs this week

Before we go into Google and Facebook updates, below are our top 4 things we’ve read this week

  1. Google announced measures to support local businesses (length: long), including free promoted pins in Google Maps for users using smart campaigns. Search Engine Land also did a nice blog (length: long) discussing this update.
  2. AdExchanger put out this interesting article (length: long), on how ads might work in a cookie-free world.
  3. Facebook shared a reminder (length: medium), explaining how automation plays a key role in the Facebook Ads auction.
  4. Snap had it’s 2020 Snap Partner Summit (length: medium), which included the launch of a new navigation bar. The bar aims to improve discoverability of new features, including Snap Maps, where local businesses will be able to serve ads.
  5. Search Engine Land shared a handy summary of where you can run shopping ads on social platforms (length: medium). While intent and audiences will massively vary across these platforms, dynamic remarketing is a key opportunity – plus we like the audience hack for Snap ads.

Facebook takes steps to combat misinformation

Facebook has been in the news a lot over the last week, with a series of product updates and policy changes all designed around preventing misinformation on the site. This has become a hot topic in the US presidential race, as Biden has heavily criticised the platform’s lack of fact checking (while also spending $4.7M on ads over 7 days). Zuckerberg finally announced on Tuesday, that users will be able to choose to disable political ads(length: medium).

Aside from the US election, two weeks ago, Facebook rolled out the Facebook News tab(length: medium) for all users in the US. Articles on this tab will be curated by journalists as well as algorithms, and there will be an (undisclosed) quality threshold to qualify for inclusion. It was announced that Wikipedia will power some in-app search results(length: short), helping users to fact-check sources without leaving the app.

As a final point in Facebook news, the platform has relaxed some restrictions from COVID, and is now allowing ads for non-medical masks(length: short).

Google introduced more restrictions designed to protect users

Advertisers in the US who promote credit, employment or housing services will no longer be able to target based on some discriminatory characteristics(length: short). This policy update means that age, gender, marital status, parental status and ZIP code will all be off limits.

A further policy update is also explained well in this Search Engine Journal article(length: medium). Google has introduced a “Clickbait” ads policy, where sensationalised ads will be disapproved.

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