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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | June 5th 2020

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Welcome to the first instalment of our weekly digital marketing news round-up. We’ll be calling out the most interesting industry updates each week so give us a follow on social and stay up to speed.

Google Ads credit for SMBs being rolled out

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$1000 ad credit will be offered to SMBs who advertised for at least 10 months in 2019, and in either Jan or Feb 2020. There is no way to apply, the credit will appear in your Google Ads account automatically if eligible.

Add support links to your business listing through GMB

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By adding support links to your profile, users will be able to click through to donate or buy gift cards. You can also share a personal message to inform customers how funds will be put to use. To qualify your business must have a physical location.

Discovery Ads have been quietly rolled out globally

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Discovery ads can appear across Gmail, YouTube and the Discover feed, which, according to Google, can reach over 2.9 billion people in a single campaign. Highly visual, and a great way to tell a strong brand story.

Retail category reporting released in Google Ads

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A great update for any retailers running both Search and Shopping, you can now easily compare product category performance across ad types.

Top 5 free digital marketing support schemes

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Are you a charity? Access digital experts for free with these great digital marketing support schemes. And if you’re an expert, why not volunteer some of your time?

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