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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | October 16th

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New Google Analytics launched

In the first major update in 7 years, Google has announced Google Analytics 4(length: long). This will now be the default when setting up a property, and have an enhanced focus on machine learning – a sign of times to come in a post-cookie world. Universal properties will still be available, but Google has stated that they will no longer be developed, meaning that it’s worth having both types of property enabled for your site.

Updated attribution features

Google announced changes to attribution in Google Ads(length: long), summarised nicely by Search Engine Land (length: medium). Not only is YouTube now being included in attribution reports, but the threshold for data driven attribution has been lowered – now 3,000 ad interactions and 300 conversions in the last 30 days.

Performance max campaigns announced

Google also announced a new campaign type(length: long). Performance max campaigns are a new type of smart campaign, which will be eligible to run across all Google inventory. These campaigns are in very early stages of testing, but we should hear more about them in 2021.

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