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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | October 2nd

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Free shopping is coming to the UK

This week, Google made the much anticipated announcement that free shopping listings will be available globally in mid-October (length: short). For a reminder of what these are, see our blog here(length: medium). Using US data, we can see the impact of these listings varies(length: medium), but are definitely worth setting up for your brand.

Facebook attribution is changing

Facebook announced that the default 28 day attribution window will soon be removed, with a maximum of a 7 day window available from October 12th (length: long). This will also impact historical data, so make sure you download any past data if you need a record or reported performance.

Local service ads

Local service ads are a simple ad type, designed for local businesses to advertise their services. These ads were originally launched in the US on a cost per lead basis, with prices set by Google. However, this week has seen two major updates from Google.

Not only are local service ads coming to the UK(length: medium), but auction based bidding has also become available(length: long). This gives advertisers the option to set a bid, and so increase competitiveness of their ads. Given that these ads show above all other inventory, this new bidding method could lead to significant growth in spending.

Pinterest launches story pins

Last week it was LinkedIn, this week Pinterest has announced Story Pins (length: long), with the intention of making it easier for creators to upload content to the platform. The key difference between these stories and other platforms is that these stories can be saved permanently.

Pinterest also shared search trends for 2020(length: long), with highlights including a growth in male users, and increased searches for positivity and wellness based themes.

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