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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | September 12th

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This has been a busy fortnight for marketing blogs, meaning we have some pretty big stories to highlight.

Google search term reporting is now being restricted

From September 1st, Google is restricting reporting of search query data in Google Ads, citing privacy concerns (length: medium). Initial results suggest that the impact could be widespread, with an estimated 27% of spend no longer reported(length: medium). Search Engine Land also discussed the impact of the change, and speculated about the driving force behind the change (length: long).

Facebook now limits the number of ads you can run

This week, Facebook announced that from February 2021 there will be an ad limit per page(length: medium). The given reasoning being that having fewer ads improves performance when used with machine learning algorithms.

iOS 14’s new privacy measures are being delayed

Apple announced that the tracking restrictions to be introduced with iOS 14 will now be postponed until early 2021(length: short), with the intention of giving advertisers more time to prepare. Consequently, Facebook confirmed that they will continue to collecting IDFA on iOS 14(length: medium).
However, it’s worth noting that this is only a stay of execution – this blog has a checklist of how you can prepare for Facebook’s future changes (length: medium). Meanwhile, Google quietly updated its AdMob Help Center with guidance for developers (length: medium).

Google is increasing its prices in the UK

From November 1st, advertisers in the UK will be charged an additional 2% to advertise through Google, as the company passes on the cost of new digital services taxes (length: medium). The key element to highlight is that this will be applied on top of account budgets (i.e. a budget of £100 can be charged £105).

Google and Microsoft share holiday planning resources

Holiday preparation is far too big to squeeze into a sentence, but these resources should help give some context on the upcoming retail peak, and how best to prepare for it.

Is this the end of the ETA?

Google recently ran a test where the option to create an expanded text ad was removed from the UI(length: short). This indicates that RSAs may become the primary ad type for search ads in the future, again moving away from more manual interventions and toward machine learning.
Meanwhile, Search Engine Land shared an article discussing how to successfully run and test RSAs(length: long). Microsoft also shared an article on how to understand asset ratings for their RSA ads (length: medium).

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