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Weekly Digital Marketing News Round-Up | September 25th

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Big news this week – it looks like Facebook will remove the 20% text limit for ad images(length: medium). While not yet directly confirmed by Facebook itself, information so far suggests that 20% will still be recommended as best practice, but these ads will no longer be penalised.

Google continues to roll out changes designed to support local traffic, as smart bidding optimising toward store sales has been announced (length: medium).

Google has released new search widgets for iOS 14(length: long). These widgets will allow users to search Google directly from their home screen – it will be interesting to see whether this leads to any kind of growth in users using Google on Apple products.

LinkedIn is rolling out a platform redesign, based around more “human connections” – including introducing stories (length: medium).

TikTok has had a stay of execution, with a potential sale leading to a US ban being delayed by a week(length: medium). With no major updates in the past 5 days, we’ll see what happens next week.

Additional countries in the Google Merchant Centre will now need to be specified in the feed, rather than the platform’s shipping settings (length: long).

Netflix’s The Social Dilemma(length: 1hr 34m) is an interesting watch, giving a view of the flip side of the social media platforms’ machine learning algorithms. While fantastic for advertisers looking to drive action, this film gives an idea of more negative impacts they can have – including isolation, misinformation and addiction.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reviewed the impact of Google buying DoubleClick back in 2007 – discussing how the deal allowed Google to become such a superpower today (length: long).

Finally, we released a blog reviewing ad spend in the 2020 presidential race(length: long). Cumulative spending of both candidates on Facebook ads has now topped $100 million – we discuss what we can learn from how that money is being spent.

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